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Poker Downers

Poker can be full of the good, the bad, and the ones that think that they are great.  There is a big difference in a great poker player, and a player that thinks that they are great.  A great player will have a lot of experience, and most of the time will play for the pure love of the game.  A player that thinks that they are great will play less frequently, and loses fewer games because they are not really playing the game of poker.  Player’s egos are a big down side in poker.  Even with the entire over grown egos that exist in poker, there is something that is really dragging the game of poker down faster.


Why we turn to poker?

People will generally turn to poker for two reasons.  One of them is for the pure love of the game, and the other is of course money.  We also can not forget about the prestige of the win.  As poker is as prestigious as online blackjack. Recently I came across a poker game that just blew my mind.  It took not only my love for the game away, but it made the game seem pointless.  After hours of play, I finally ended up at the final table of the poker game.  I need to tell you that it was a multi table cash game that I was playing at a casino.  I had played my heart out, and could finally breathe a bit.  I had the largest chip stack at the table.  I could smell the win in my midst.  During a short intermission I heard a rumor; they said that the winner of the table would only get forty percent of the purse.  Everyone else at the table was going to end up with their money back.  That was so messed up, and I was fuming mad.  What kind of poker game penalizes the winner, and rewards the losers?  After learning that information, you do not even feel like winning anymore.  It was so disappointing.


Who benefits?

After that bad experience, I decided to come up with some points of interest for other poker players.  My first point is poker games in casinos are only great for management.  They are the only ones that can benefit from stupid rules like that.  My second point is they should do away with rebuys in a tournament.  The only people that benefit from this are the millionairs that play poker to get richer.  My last point is being careful where you choose to play poker.  If you are playing in an unfamiliar game, you need to check out the rules before you get in the poker game.  Poker should be a great experience for you; if it is not then you need to get out right away.  Do not waste your money on one of these bad poker games.


Famous quote

Everything is mental in life. The butt was made to lug the mind around.
Puggy Pearson, 1973 WSOP winner (1975)

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