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Poker vs Video Poker

Poker is widely known to be the most challenging and interesting card game all across the globe. With many variations on how to play this game, people of different ages and statuses in life come together to challenge each player’s level of fortune and expertise in this field.

The advancement of technology has affected the popularity of poker. Using new inventions like gadgets and downloaded applications from the Internet, poker game has become a virtual card game known as the video poker. This is an application of all the rules in the usual common poker card game. What makes it unique is that the poker is being played on screen, with virtual opponents, and still with real money involved.

Using a monitor and the buttons to push on what moves to make, this video poker became viable. It was 1970s when the first video poker was played using personal computers. Over time, the models of the units used in playing virtual poker were developed into larger screens added with user-friendly interface to manipulate the game effectively. Even in casinos, this virtual card game has been introduced and many poker players patronized the advanced technology. Some people say that it is less intimidating to play poker on screen than on tables.

However, despite of the emergence of these virtual poker games, there are still hundreds and thousands of players still prefer to use the conventional method of playing poker. These people are more comfortable in sitting on tables, holding their cards and their chips, announcing their bets and most especially seeing their opponents beside them in one table.

In addition, both virtual and the on the spot playing of poker have the same hand-ranking system to follow. The highest rank of the five-card combination still wins the game. The only difference is that video poker is a high-end method since all you need to do is to select and click the options available in making your bet and winning the deal. Even poker chips are displayed on the screen with the corresponding value of money.

On the other hand, the on the spot playing of poker requires for you to make the game manually, sitting at the table, holding your chips then playing each deal.

Some people say that there are great risks of being cheated on video pokers since the system is computerized, therefore it can be preprogrammed. While in the case of the players on tables, there are lesser risks since all the players can see how those cards are randomly distributed.

What is advantageous on playing via video poker is that you can be connected online and play with different people from different corners of this planet. In this way, players could conduct world tournaments encouraging each country to have a representative player to compete with other individuals who are also addicted to poker games.

Playing poker and Video Poker, regardless of what do you prefere is still a very entertaining . Poker players certainly know the thrills, excitements, victories, and other mixed emotions while playing this game.


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