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Playing Styles

When working with games, such as Texas Hold Em and Omaha or online blackjack, you do not get the ability to bluff as much as with Sever Card Stud, due to the way the game is played with blinds. Nor do you have the chance to be able to bet your opponent into folding or making a mistake as much as you do with Seven Card Stud. When playing Seven Card Stud, you have the opportunity to be able to force an improper call or even a fold, based on your third street decisions. When you are taking into account the size of the pot, ante amount and the amount of the forced bet, you can cause another player to make a mistake by certain strategies, including betting higher to bluff into a fold.

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With Seven Card Stud, you cannot be a strict poker player, meaning that you cannot be either a very tight nor timid player, nor can you play the opposite end of the scale being very aggressive all of the time. You must judge the cards you hold, the other players, the size of the pot and other factors when determining what type of player you will be each hand. If you are strictly an aggressive player, while you may be able to build the pot up quickly, you may also be building it up out of your own money and end up giving most of it to another player. On the other hand, if you play as a mostly conservative player, you could end up losing out on a big win, or losing the pot entirely.

When playing games like Seven Card Stud, where there is no blind, you have to take into account many factors, including your hand as it grows, the other players and what their betting tells you and how the pot is growing. Each street allows for you to have a chance to choose what type of player you will be this round. While you may want to be a more aggressive player during the first couple of rounds, or a more reserved player, you need to take many different aspects into account before making that final bet each round.

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It you decide to play aggressively during the first rounds and try to steal the ante, you will want to make sure that you dedicate yourself to this and not back down if it seems to be getting too warm for your blood. You could get cards that will enable you to win all out, or if you start aggressively enough, you may be able to scare the other players into folding quickly and being able to take the pot before the last card is dealt.

Some games, however, require a softer touch and more patience when it comes to betting. Again, taking into account the size of the pot and the other players, but also taking into account the betting limit in relation to the ante. If you go with the old saying, “Slow and steady wins the day” then you will find that at times a more reserved approach can work for you as well. You must always take into account the other players and their betting habits. This can help to determine what type of player you are competing with and what the best way to beat them would be. Poker is not only a game of chance with the cards, but also a game of skill with your opponent and being able to determine what cards they are holding and what chance you have of being able to beat them with your own hand.

The best players can find the balance between the two styles. While in some cases a more aggressive betting style will win the day, sometime a softer hand is required. To be able to really win some larger hands in Seven Card Stud Poker, you need to be a player that can be very flexible in their playing style.


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