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Caribbean Stud Poker

The poker game known as stud poker is a casino table game that has rules that are similar to the poker game known as five card stud. The only unique thing about this game is that players play against the house and not against each other which is the case in other poker games. Caribbean stud poker also allows players to bluff as well as perform various forms of deceptions. This game was introduced due to the rise in popularity of the poker game all over the world. The game was used to lure poker players to play in more tables.


David Sklansky is the individual who has laid claim to the formulation of caribbean stud poker in many poker forums claiming that he was the one who invented the game and this was in the year 1982 whichwas being called casino poker at that time. During this time the rules of the game were quite different to the regular casino game for example the dealer of the game was supposed to have 2 hole cards revealed instead of 1 which is what is required in Caribbean stud poker today. The progressive jackpot was also not allowed in this game in the early days of caribbean stud poker. It is hard to really know who invented the caribbean stud poker game because David never pantented it. He claims that the game was bought by a poker player a few years after he invented it and this is when they changed the rules to have the game as it is today. There are however many stories that talk about the origin of the game but no one can really tell for sure where the game originated from.


  • The rules of this game usually vary depending on where the game is being played from although most casinos around the world use the rules that are mostly found in US casinos. The difference of these rules mostly concentrate on the payouts and the betting limits.
  • Each player is supposed to place their ante on a spot that is marked on the surface of the table.
  • The dealer is supposed to ensure that all antes have been placed before no more bets are announced.
  • All players are allowed to compete for the progressive jackpot which should also while the poker dealer allows betting.
  • All of players and the dealer too should be dealt 5 face down cards.
  • The dealer is supposed to turn over one of their cards and then push the cards towards the other players who should then look at their cards.
  • The players are not supposed to discuss with any other player at the table.
  • Players are also allowed to either play or fold.
  • Players may also be allowed to raise depending on the specific type of caribbean stud poker game they are playing.
  • The dealer reveals their 4 hole cards only after all the players in the game have made their betting decisions.
  • The dealer also qualifies to play if they have a hand that contains an ace and a king or they can form a pair or any other poker hand of higher rank.
  • The dealer starts comparing their 5 card to other players starting by the one who is on their farthest right. The player with a hand that beats the dealer’s qualified hand will be the winner. If the dealers hand can not qualify only the antes of the player who has a hand that betas the dealer will get paid and the raise bets will be returned to the respective players unpaid.
  • Each player is allowed one hand as they are not allowed to wager or hold on multiple hands.
  • All players are supposed to keep all their cards in full view of the dealer always .
  • Players are not allowed to touch their cards once they have placed them face down on the table layout.

Famous quote

The poker player learns that sometimes both science and common sense are wrong; that the bumblebee can fly; that, perhaps, one should never trust an expert; that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of by those with an academic bent.
David Mamet

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