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Glossary: Poker Terms and Basic Game Notions

Around the Comer Straight:

A sequence which runs from the highest to the lowest cards, like queen, king, ace, two, three


Blind Shuffle:

A shuffle used by a cheater to stack cards or to leave the stacked cards undisturbed after shuffling them (False Shuffle).



A game with ten cards, five in every hand and five cards placed face-up for player’s use (Lame Brains).



A card or part of a deck which has been crimped crosswise or lengthwise.


Free Card:

It's a free card every time a player gets to see the additional card without calling a bet.


Greek Bottom:

A card dealt by a cheater which is second from the bottom.



After winning any pot, the practice of giving a small amount of chips to another player


Ignorant End of a Straight:

The lowest card of a straight, in Hold 'em especially.



A hand where various players are raising hands of each other.



A hand with five cards which starts with the ace and has alternate values up to the nine.



Playing many hands and holding on to the hands longer is known as loose with your cash.



Seven–card game where a player is required to win twice before he can win the pot.


Overhand Shuffle:

A shuffle which is done by sliding cards on the top of the deck to the other hand.


Place and Show Tickets Split Pot with Twist Your Neighbor:

A game where cards are drawn from the hands of opponents and the pot is divided between the hands that are second and third best.


Restricted Pot:

A rule in many poker games according to which a minimum-value hand would win the pot (Qualifier).



The River is sometimes known as the fifth street, it is the last card out of the five cards placed on the board in flop games.


Sevens Rule:

A rule in a low–ball game in which any player with seven low or better has to place a bet or fold for profits from a pot.


Stud Poker:

One form of basic poker out of the two main forms of poker (the other one is draw poker) and is generally played with cards that are exposed or open (up cards) and there are one or more hole cards that are concealed (down cards).


Table Talk:

A discussion at the poker table of the hand being played by players who are not involved in that pot. Also used in online blackjack.


Trips Eight:

A Stud poker or a draw split-pot poker where an eight is a qualifier for a low hand and trips is a qualifier for a high hand. This game is generally played with one or two twists.



(1) The anteing ace. (2) The higher pair out of two pairs e.g., queens and tens is queens up.



The amount which a house takes for running a particular game



Famous quote

Life is like a game of poker: If you don't put any in the pot, there won't be any to take out.
Jackie "Moms" Mabley, Dirty old lady comedian

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