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Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is also referred to as Pusoy and this is an extraordinary card game enjoyed for many years by the Asian community although it has started gaining popularity in other parts of the world just recently. There is a very big part of luck in this game and this means that even beginners have a good chance to win in the short term even when playing against the experienced players. Players need to have the basic knowledge of poker hand rankings in order to play this game. It is also important to keep in mind that the game has several strategies that players can use in order to gain better advantage over other players.

How to Play

This game is played by 4 people and is referred to as 13 card poker in some parts of the world because each player is supposed to be given 13 cards. Players are then supposed to divide the 13 cards into 3 poker hands where 2 hands should contain 5 cards each and the 3rd hand should contain the remaining 3 cards. The 2 hands containing the 5 cards each are referred to as the back and the middle hands respectively while the 1 hand that contains 3 cards is referred to as the front hand. The back hand is supposed to be ranked the highest while the front hand is supposed to be the ranked the lowest. It is also important to keep in mind that flushes and straights will not count in 3 card hand. Back hands are supposed to be face down on top of the table while the middle hand is supposed to be face down which is supposed to be in front of the back hand while the front hand is also supposed to be face down in which is supposed to be in front of the middle hand. Each player is supposed to announce whether or not they are playing their hand and this is after each player sets their hands. The announcement should be done in a clockwise manner starting with the player on the left of the dealer. All the players should then announce each of their royalties before they can reveal their hands. When a player makes 3 straights or 3 flushes they will be the automatic winners of that hand regardless of the other players’ hands.


Chinese poker uses units as their stakes for playing and these are the amount of money that has been agreed upon before the commencement of the game. The basic scoring rule in this game is that a player is supposed to collect 1 unit from each the other players whose front, middle as well as back hand have been beaten by their own corresponding hand. This will thereby mean that even the second best player in each game can also win some money which is different from other poker games where only the best player will be able to win some money.


Famous quote

Marriages may come and go, but the game must go on.
Felix "The Odd Couple" Unger

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