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If you want to be good at playing poker, then there are three ingredients that you can use. First is to understand all numbers involved in poker. Playing online poker can be a good hobby if you have a lot of time to devote in learning how to play the game to win. It may be a hobby that can eventually be a source of income if you will start your career in playing poker. Learning how to do poker math can be an advantage on your part.

Second is to read body language of your opponents and third is to understand each player’s personality. This article will show you how you can use these three ingredients to improve your game plan. You can also be competitive ones you devote so much time in playing and learning how to play poker effectively. There are players who eventually became successful just by practicing and learning some strategies that have worked for them.

Play Poker Like a Real Pro

  • Know the poker math. If you think that you are not good in math subject, then it is ok. This strategy does not involve complicated mathematical problem to solve. All you need is some logic and a common sense and you will be able to understand essential fundamentals of poker math. There is only 20% of drawing a particular card that will make you win. This is the percentage as well as the probability that a particular card will come out. It is important for you to know the percentage of winning right before you go to a poker table to play.
  • Read body language. All of the skills that you will learn from this can help you in every step of the game. Some expert says that if you want to know what a player will do, then you should take a look at his feet. This trick is not very effective because you have to look down every time you need to some clues. This kind of gestures is in appropriate around the poker table. You can take look at how they place their hands and arms. If the player is crossing his arms, then he defenses himself.
  • Know the personality of a player, but this is a bit difficult especially if you encounter the person for the first time. Observation is very important in playing poker because you need to be very sensitive especially with your opponents. You need to know if one is lying or telling the truth base on their facial expression. This is hard especially with the art of bluffing. A lot of poker players are playing with bluff. They tend to act differently from reality. Bluffing is acting that you are having good hands, while in fact you are not. This is very hard to tell, but overacting means that a player is playing a bluff on you. It’s important to know how to tell for your own advantage.

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    All I know is, if the cards ever break even - I'm screwed.
    Rich Korbin

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