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Poker Tips

Casino games online like poker, are exciting to play not only because of their looks but also because of the potential of winning huge money when one plays them. Many of the online casino games have progressive jackpots attached, which can change the life of a player for the better if he wins one


Poker is a game that is full of skill, and a lot of luck.  To a seasoned poker professional the concept of the game is very simple.  Some might say that it is even a part of who they are.  It is completely different for new players.  It will take you a long time to be able to rattle off different aspects of the game of poker as well as the game of online blackjack.  You will have to learn many different rules, and concepts.  They can be time consuming, and many players may get very frustrated.  If you are one of many frustrated players, that are having a hard time with the fundamentals.  I suggest that you try to just focus on the basic ones first.


The first thing that you should try to learn in poker is the odds.  The odds are going to help you to see where your hand, matches up to your opponents hand.  If the dealer gives you a starting hand of AA, then your odds are going to be very good.  You are going to be able to have huge odds right out of the gate.  In the scheme of things, your odds percentage is going to be about ninety percent.  Most players dream of starting out with those odds in a poker match.

 Choose the right position

Next on your poker list is your position at the table.  Now for new players, knowing what position that you are in at the table is critical.  The best position to start in is the button position.  Their will be a round button, that is going to move around the table counter clockwise throughout the play.  The reason that it is the best position is that you are going to get to act last for that hand.  Other notable positions are the small blind, and the big blind.  If you are sitting in the small blind position, then you are going to be required to put half of the cost of the blind in the pot before you get your cards.  The big blind is the position was you are going to be fully committed to the pot.  The nice thing about that is that if no one else at the table raises, then you can see the flop for free.  Positional play is important, but it is also pretty easy for players to understand.


Bankroll management

Building a solid foundation will take more than skills in poker.  These are some things that you always need to know.  Bankroll management is a huge part of playing poker.  Your entire game of poker will depend on your ability to handle your bankroll.  Having a nice sized bankroll will give you some room to maneuver throughout the game.  Table selection is another important part of poker.  This is especially true if you are new to the poker world.  You have to be smart about your player selection, because you need to be matched up with players that are on the same level as you.  The biggest problem that poker players face is the emotion side of poker.  It can be very cut throat, and intimidating.  Here are two different emotions that you want to avoid falling victim to.  The first is called the angry tilt emotion.  The fact is that you are going to lose some pots, which you probably should have won.  The trick is that you are going to have to get mad, and then get over it.  If not, you are going to sink like the titanic.  The second is the failure tilt emotion.  Pity is a real buzz kill for poker players everywhere.  The best way for you to beat this issue, is to perk up, and get back in the game.  If you get depressed then you might as well give poker up forever.


Poker is one of the best games that you will experience.  How you choose to deal with it is on you. 



Famous quote

They say poker is a zero-sum game. It must be, because every time I play my sum ends up zero.
Max Shapiro

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