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Poker Players

Poker is a classic card game. It is played both in the online and traditional casinos. This card game involves the skill of analyzing the best combination of cards and show up the best hand, which can be challenging to most players, aside from the fact that it can be very profitable when played in international tournaments. Like other popular casino games, poker has legendary players to boast, and these people have proven that they are playing the card game using their skills, and not just their luck. This article is about some of the notable players of poker over the years.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is an American. He was born on August 10, 1933. He has playing poker as a real professional for more than 50 years. He earned two main event championships in World Series of Poker and has become an inductee in Poker Hall of Fame. His exemplary skills in the classic card game led him to share his talent by writing a number of books about poker. He was actually the first to earn a million dollars in poker tournaments ad he has 10 bracelets in World Series of Poker to boast. He was voted as the number one most influential force in poker by the Bluff Magazine in 2006. He was a native of Fisher County Texas and started out as an athlete. He played basketball in their local team as well as running. He was successful in both fields, until he had an injury which led him to switch his interest to poker, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, his son Todd and daughter Pamela also play poker and just like him, have won bracelets in the World Series.

John Joseph Bonetti

John Bonetti was an American who was born on June 1928 and died on June 27, 2008. He was a native of Brooklyn New York, but played poker professionally in Houston, Texas at the age of 54. He has three World Series of Poker bracelets to boast. He also has remarkable finishes in main event of No Limit Texas Hold’em. He died at the age of 80 with total poker tournament winnings of $4,188,332.

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan is a Chinese American who was born on China in 1957. He has 10 bracelets in World Series of Poker to boast, two of them from main events. In 1968 his family moved to Arizona from Hongkong. They stayed in Houston, Texas by the year 1973 because of their restaurants. He became fascinated with gambling when he joined a junket in Las Vegas at the age of 16, but he started out professionally at the age of 21. This man has a number of championships to boast, including being the first to win 10 titles in World Series of Poker. He also has notable wins in Poker After Dark. Aside from being a professional gambler, he is also a businessman, running a franchise of a fast food in Las Vegas hotels.


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